BW1Bethlehem Walk Reviews

With the conclusion of Bethlehem Walk last December, it is clear that again our Lord has richly blessed this ministry with many new souls for the Kingdom and lives renewed to service for Jesus. Read some of the comments from some of our visitors in past years.



“This was fantastic. Not sure that you can improve upon perfection. I am leaving refreshed and renewed in the Lord.”

“We may have scuffled and bickered while gathering coats and getting all six of us in the car to come here…but the inner peace and reconnection with our faith has renewed our spirit so graciously.”

“This walk was one of the most well done and meaningful events I have been to in my adult life. Lydia, my guide, really was very good and made it enjoyable.”

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We really enjoyed coming. This has become a family tradition. It is important to be reminded that Jesus is the reason for the season.”

“Thank you for loving Jesus and obeying His call to do this. My heart has been renewed, changed. When Jesus was on the cross, I was on His mind. Thank you for ministering to a Christian of 15 years. I am refreshed by the Holy Spirit to go and tell and teach others about Jesus. Thank you so very much for your tremendous sacrifice. My life has been truly changed.”

“This was absolutely fantastic! What a GREAT way to share the Gospel. God bless you for ministering to people in this way.”

“I shared this evening with my grandchildren. The bright star was in just the right spot. My 9 year old said, ‘God put the star just there. Isn’t He great?’ Amen.”

“Love the tour. It felt like we were really there. I’m glad everyone played their part well. In a world like this, we need to be reminded of our Savior and this kind of reminder brings hope in everyone’s life. Thank you all so much for the experience.”

“This presentation is excellent. Everything about out this program was well done. It touched my heart and made me think what Christmas is all about. Thank you.”

“This was such an affirmation of our faith. Thank you for all of your hard work. What a blessing and reminder of our savior’s love for us. Thank you. Our feet are cold but our hearts are warmed by your message.”

“Thank you so much for this wonderful walk in Bethlehem. You all are so awesome. God’s presence was totally here tonight. I’ll be praying for ya’ll.”

“This was a wonderful experience for me and my family. My grandchildren were the most attentive I have seen at any Christmas program we have been to. Thank you and may God bless you all.”


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